Sky-Up What is it made


Have you started discovering Sky-Up? Fantastic! You are now in the section where you will discover how it is done! I understand very little because I’m still small, but what I can tell you is that, since we have Sky-Up, our van has become even more amazing!!!

It was designed not only to be the most functional and practical product possible, but also to be attractive to the “most elegant taste“.

Precisely for this reason the design follows exactly that of the car: in this way, in addition to being “beautiful to look at“, there is a maximum optimization of the mechanical sealing, which is a known weak point of the other models on the market.Connettori Tetto Soffietto

An important detail is that the waterproof connectors allow to detach the top very easily at any time, such as for a simple installation and connection to the photovoltaic system.

It comes with a standard gray base frame (same color as the curtain) and a white top; as an option the top can be black (color that matches any van). If the customer wants metallic paint, only the top can be carried to the body shop, as the frame does not need painting.


  • STURDY: excellent resistance to abrasion;
  • STRONG: excellent tear resistance;
  • HYDROPELLENT: water-repellent and membrane treated;
  • DURABLE: 100% high resistance nylon fiber 6,6.

The mattress is composed of an eco-sustainable product, marked ECOVERO. Viscose fiber is produced from wood as a renewable raw material, deriving from forests managed in a responsible manner and certified as coming from eco-sustainable sources. It has the Ecolabel certification, which proves the high standards of environmental respect: the production of EcoVero fibers involves up to 50% less emissions and water consumption than normal viscose.

The bed base, produced by the German company Froli, is light and made up of elastic elements that allow excellent flexibility, making it very comfortable. The particular type of construction allows excellent air circulation.

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