Sky-Up Configurations


Here is the options section! Here you can find everything you can customize and install with the Sky-Up folding roof!

  • Complete white bellows roof
  • Complete black bellows roof
  • Sample roof dome painting
  • White bed tub painting (standard gray)
  • Black bed tub painting (standard gray)
  • Sample tank painting
  • Sample painting system for opening scissors
  • Internal ladder 195 cm
  • Shaped bed linen kit (bedspread, sheets and pillowcases)
  • Insulation panel kit for curtains
  • Burgundy color curtains
  • 100W semi-rigid photovoltaic panel
  • Additional 100W semi-rigid photovoltaic panel (max 3 panels in total)
  • Panoramic Domenic Mini-Heki roof window 40X40 cm
  • Domenic Mini-Heki transparent panoramic porthole 70X50 cm
  • Medi-Heki dome contour painting
  • TurboVent Porthole white Flame 40X40 cm
  • TurboVent porthole Transparent flame 40X40 cm, with blind
  • LED light point in the bed area
  • Double USB socket kit and 12V bed zone
  • Bracket kit for Fiamma / Thule / Dometic awnings
  • Fiamma F45 veranda painted to match the bed
  • Air conditioner (for 540 cm and 599 cm)
  • Air conditioner (for 630 cm)

Tetto a soffietto Sky-Up