Sky-Up Folding Roof


Hello! I’m Ema and I’m 10 years old! I do a lot of fun things, but the one I enjoy the most is traveling with my parents and my brother Nick, in our camper van! Yes, that’s right! We take our holidays in a camper, but not just any camper, it’s a van with the difference! Nick and I are always happy to go on holidays with dad and mom… whether it’s seaside, mountains or a city of art!

But now we are growing and, in the last trips, Nick and I could no longer sleep in the small dinette bed… Sadly, our parents were even thinking of selling our van! One day something wonderful happened, my dad was leafing through a magazine… he found our solution! It’s called SKY-UP! It is practically a folding roof (although my parents have declared that the right term is a “lifting roof”), that we have mounted on our van (high H2, I do not know what it means…), and once raised (it’s very easy, I often do it!) forms a HUGE bed! My little brother and I can’t wait for the evening to come! It is a wonderful emotion falling asleep with the stars… or being lulled by the wind… or waking up with the soft ticking of the rain

Do you want me to introduce you to Sky-Up? If so, follow me on this site! You will discover how it is made, what are the technical data (I understand very little…), which accessories you can mount and, above all where you can do it!

Nick and I assure you that there’s nothing nicer than having a bed to sleep… UNDER THE STARRY SKY!!!

Tetto Sollevabile Sky-Up


Sky-Up is an innovative folding roof, 100% made in Italy, designed for the Fiat Ducato H2, Citroën Jumper H2 and Peugeot Boxer H2.

Is the dinette bed small? You were in 2 or 3, now you are 4 and you don’t have enough beds? Did you sleep in a tent when you were young and do you want to try those emotions again? Without a doubt, Sky-Up is the one for you!

Tetto a Soffietto Sky-Up


Key features are the extreme simplicity of assembly and the weight much lower than the other products on the market. This is divided into the various components, separated from each other, so as to allow assembly with a simple ladder, and therefore without the aid of a forklift.

The base frame only acts as a “container” for the mattress: the energy of the springs is in fact discharged onto the van’s structure, allowing the base frame to be eliminated.

The opening is simple and fast: just lift the top and the bed is ready, no need for any other operation.

For any information, doubt or request for quotes, find our references in the CONTACTS section!

Sky-Up tetto a soffietto